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11 Reasons to Give Your Pet Collagen

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Collagen is a protein; but it’s not just any protein. It’s a vital protein for healthy skin, bones, hair, muscles, and more. It supports the healthy functions of almost every part of the body. In fact, it is the most abundant of any protein in both human and animal bodies. So if you’re familiar with the many benefits of collagen for yourself, you already know how beneficial it can be for your pet! If not, here is a refresher course of 11 reasons to give your pet collagen.

1 Collagen Supports Strong Bones

Collagen is one of the main protein building blocks of both human and animal bones. So supplementing your pet’s diet with collagen may help reduce the natural deterioration of his bones as he ages—giving him a better quality of life for longer.

2 Collagen Soothes Dry and Irritated Skin

As pets age, they naturally produce less collagen. This can lead to dry skin. In addition to the connective and supportive properties of collagen, it also has hydrating capabilities. This makes it great for both the strength and elasticity of your pet’s skin. But these skin benefits aren’t limited to the effects of aging. Your pet may find soothing relief from irritation due to other factors like seasonal allergies or hot spots.

3 Collagen Can Support Bladder Health

Pets with urinary stones will likely be put on a prescription diet. But the truth is, those diets are designed to make your pet thirsty so they are more hydrated and flush out crystals. With a bone broth collagen supplement, you may be able to achieve the same results from adding it to your pet’s current food. Or, if your pet doesn’t like the prescription diet food, you can top it with a bone broth collagen supplement like pawPairings Beef Bone Broth and get a double helping of bladder health support.

4 Collagen Supports Stiff Joints and Mobility

Collagen is one of the main proteins found in connective tissue, so it’s really good at supporting joints and the cartilage that protects them. This is especially helpful for larger dogs who may develop hip joint issues. While stiff joints and arthritis are more common in aging pets, a collagen supplement can help maintain healthy levels of joint support in younger animals so they delay the onset of more serious joint deterioration.

5 Collagen Can Help Picky Eaters

Collagen is found abundantly in bone broths, and pets love the meaty flavor of bone broth. Using a bone broth collagen supplement like pawPairings Beef Bone Broth as a food topper or mix-in with your pet’s wet or dry food can help them find more enjoyment in their food. Just like a dash of salt and pepper can make your green beans more appetizing!

6 Collagen Replenishes Nutrients after a Period of Vomiting or Diarrhea

This one is pretty straight forward. The benefit of a bone broth collagen supplement being tasty to your pet means it can help them find their appetite and replace the nutrients lost from dehydration.

7 Collagen Supports a Healthy Heart and Liver

There’s no more important muscle than the heart, and collagen is a proven beneficial protein for muscles. In addition to promoting a healthy heart itself, collagen also strengthens and provides adequate flexibility to the arteries that take blood from the heart into the body.

But that’s not all! Collagen contains an amino acid called glycine that has been shown to help your liver process and reduce toxins in the body.

8 Collagen Promotes a Healthy Immune System

Collagen contains glutamine, which is an amino acid that is the main food source for immune cells and other immunity boosting functions within the body.

9 Collagen Promotes A Healthy Coat

Just as collagen helps your pet’s skin, it can also promote a healthy coat. This is important not only for her protection from dirt and the elements, your pet’s undercoat is also vital for her body temperature regulation. Plus, if that wasn’t enough, collagen supplements may also help your pet shed less!

10 Collagen Supports Muscle Health

This one you may be quite familiar with as well. It’s mostly common knowledge that protein helps build and repair muscles. While collagen isn’t the only protein that will support your pet’s muscles, it’s still an effective protein that promotes strong and healthy muscles.

11 Collagen Supports Healthy Digestion

Digestion is likely one benefit of collagen you have never heard. But the same way collagen supports other structural systems in your pet’s body, it also supports the lining of your pet’s stomach and intestines. A healthy gut promotes better digestion and nutrient absorption. Collagen is also believed to help prevent issues like leaky gut syndrome.

What’s the best source of collagen for my pet?

Now that you have 11 reasons to give your pet a collagen supplement, you’re probably wondering what collagen supplement is the best. As I mentioned a few times, a bone broth supplement is one of the best ways to provide collagen to your pet. It’s also highly appetizing, so it has that added benefit of helping pets who may be picky eaters or need a little extra motivation to get more nutrients.

My favorite collagen supplements are the pawTree pawPairings Bone Broths. These broths contain many of the nutrients found in the collagen and cartilage of bones and are a good source of protein, glycine, collagen, glucosamine, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

When does my pet need a collagen supplement?

Collagen is an essential building block, or glue, for so many of your pet’s bodily functions. But as your pet ages, her ability to produce the collagen her body needs diminishes. So, of course it’s true that older pets have a higher need for a collagen supplement, but starting them early won’t hurt them. In fact, it may even help slow the process of their natural degeneration. It’s also helpful for younger pets that may suffer from earlier joint degeneration such as dogs prone to arthritis.

The Perfect Summer Treat: Bone Broth Ice Cubes

As a mother of children with food allergies, I love finding new and novel things that are safe for them to eat. (Recently we discovered that the grilled chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A is safe for my son! This was a huge thing to find.)

When it comes to my dogs, I don't get fast food for them, but I do love finding new and novel things for them that are safe to eat. Bone broth ice cubes are one of my summer favorites. My dogs love to chase after ice cubes if they drop out of the freezer, so I made some bone broth ice cubes for them with a nutritious boost of tasty collagen. It's so fun to see them play and eat these treats. Increasing their water intake has never been so entertaining!

Bone Broth Ice Cubes for Pets

Ingredients: 1 cup water

1 tablespoon pawPairings powdered bone broth

Directions: Mix together.

Pour into an ice cube tray



When I froze this batch, I stuck one of Maggie's golf balls to get frozen in it. I served it in bowls so they can lick the melted bone broth ice cubes from a bowl rather than from our rug! Sure enough, Maggie was there to the end licking up all the melted bits!


Have you tried collagen for your pet? I’d love to hear how it has worked for you. And, of course, if you have any additional questions or if you try this with your dog or cat, let me know in the comments!


Dr. Diaz’s nurturing nature led her into medicine where she became a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. While she loved her career and her patients, she also wanted to be a stay-at-home mother. After retiring from her practice and achieving her goal of being a home-based parent, Kristi began looking for ways to give back to her community. At the same time, she and her husband were looking for home-based business opportunities.

Kristi knew she found the perfect opportunity when she discovered pawTree. The value Kristi placed on diet and nutrition for health and wellness, coupled with her family’s love of animals, aligned seamlessly with pawTree’s company values.

Dr. Diaz’s philosophy is that diet, genetics, and luck all work together to create the quality of a pet's life. While owners can’t control their pets’ genetics or luck, they can control their diet. Pets have no choice but to count on their owners their entire lives for great nutrition. Feeding dogs and cats high-quality food and supplements will give them the best chance to live healthy, vibrant lives.


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