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Kristi’s philosophy is that diet, genetics and luck all work together to create the quality of a pet's life. We can't control the genetics and we can't control the luck, but their diet is something we can control. Pets count on us their entire lives for their nutrition. If you feed them a high-quality food and supplements when necessary, your pets have the best chance to live healthy, vital lives.

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Square 7 easy ways to prevent problems in dogs that cost you time and money at the vet's o
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High quality pet food is the foundation of good health. It starts with human grade ingredients, no fillers or by-products, and ends with positive differences you can see or feel in your pets. 


Whether it’s prevention or treatment, start with all-natural, holistic health supplements for pets can help with common issues like allergies, stress, digestion and joints problems. Supplements are a great way to help your pet while avoiding side effects seen with harsher medications.

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Peanut has never been one to eat all her food at one time, she is a grazer and only eats when we're home. When we use the PawPairing Superfood Seasonings she eats the whole bowl! This is helpful for us when have to be away for extended periods of time. She loves the salmon seasoning the most!

— Luisa, Austin TX 

My doggo has very bad allergies and I hate that the only thing that seems to give her some sort of relief is an allergy shot from the vet. Not only is this expensive but I also don't like putting that into her body. With these allergy treats, I already see a difference and it has only been a short time. She also has not been excited about her food in a long time and now she scarfs it all down in minutes! Highly recommend.

— Madison,

Newport Beach, CA 


Poor Mr. Baxter gets severe anxiety from thunderstorms. He will cry and shake so hard his ears just bounce around! Nothing would help him before, but now when there's a storm, I give him a chillax "treat" and he just naps away through it! It is such a relief to give him something so natural to calm him and make him comfortable!

— Heidi, Kenosha, WI 

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