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I will email you some information and if you'd like to hop on a call later on, we'll set that up.

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Add Value with pawTree

Once enrolled, you get:

  • The ability to earn up to 35% on every food and supplement purchase for the life of each puppy.

  • Quick reference guide on weaning your puppies to pawTree kibble

  • Simple and customizable recommendation pages for your puppy buyers, where they will see your suggested pawTree products, specific to your litters.

  • And more!

We are excited to welcome you to our pawTree family!


We are looking to work with reputable breeders who value their puppy families.
Families are always looking to their breeders for the best products and tips for taking care of their furry family members.  You, as a breeder, are constantly directing them to your favorite recommendations.  We work with breeders to help them bring more value to their puppy families with high quality products that make an impact on the health of the dogs which brings value to the breeder who has recommended these products.


Bobbie B., Oregon

Kristi has always been encouraging. She has wonderful ideas and is very knowledgeable. Her positive attitude is what I love most about Kristi.

Kate R., Georgia

In January Kristi Diaz reached out to me on the phone. I had no idea my life was about to change forever. Kristi is kind, thoughtful, professional, fun, willing to do anything to help me, and has now become so much more than a mentor, but a friend I truly cherish. Kristi pours her heart and soul into helping others succeed. I cannot stress enough how blessed I am to be not only on her team, but to call her friend.

Heather J., New York

My friend Andrea mentioned the opportunity to make commissions on pet food and products that I offered to my puppy customers. I was immediately interested, and she introduced me to Kristi on a three-way chat. Kristi is a great listener and what I appreciated about her was that she isn’t pushy, but she also consistently keeps me informed of the opportunity I have in front of me! I feel so confident when introducing a prospect to Kristi too; she is a class act, and also has become a good friend.

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