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6 Merry ways to celebrate the holidays with your pets

Santa Claus is coming to town–or is it Santa Paws? Either way, it’s time to break out your ugly Christmas sweater, pour yourself a glass of eggnog, and snuggle up on the couch watching It’s a Wonderful Life with your furry housemates.

Holidays with kids are magical and holidays with pets can be just as fun if you know how to celebrate. There are so many ways to get your dog or cat in on the festivities, from activities, to treats, to doing good.

Here’s my Scrooge-proof list of holiday to-dos that will fill your Christmas with plenty of tail wagging and cheer.

  • Leash up to see the lights. Don’t let the fact that it gets darker and colder earlier keep you from taking your pup on a quick walk around the neighborhood. Wait until it’s just dark enough for your neighbors’ holiday lights to turn on and take a quick walk around the block. Make sure to audibly “ooh” and “ahh” at all the decor and bring a bag as usual to pick up unwanted “gifts” your dog might leave behind.

  • Cozy up by the fireplace. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, is there a better place to be on a cold winter night than snuggled up with your pup on the couch watching a super-cheesy Hallmark movie? Give your dog or cat all the tummy and ear scratches. It will be good for both of your souls.

  • Donate to pet organizations. While you’re in the giving mood, don’t forget to support the non-profits and charities saving and protecting innocent animals. A quick Google search will show you organizations in your area, as well as national organizations, worthy of your donations. Check out the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (APSCA) and the Humane Society of the United States. Both are committed to rescuing mistreated animals and taking measures that ensure all animals have a chance at living happy, comfortable lives. Bonus: Gifts to these organizations are often tax deductible!

  • Bake together! Okay, so you’ll be doing all the baking, but your dog will be a fantastic taste tester. Nothing says holidays quite like tying up an apron and making your favorite treats—and in this case, your pet’s favorite Cookies for Santa Paws complete with cookie cutters. Fill your house with an aroma your pup can’t resist. Of course, these cookies won’t smell like butter and sugar, but you’ll be surprised by how amazing they smell! Try the Snicker’Doodles’, PB&J, and Gingerlicious Snaps flavors made with oat flour, barley, cinnamon, and more healthy ingredients.

  • “Prepare” a special meal. Pet owners aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy a hearty turkey dinner. Give your dog drool-worthy meals through the holidays and beyond with pawTree’s Real Turkey & Sweet Potato recipe. Lucky for your dog, he can dine like it’s Christmas all year. A variety of tasty, whole food products featuring lean proteins, produce, and grains are always available.

  • Don’t forget the gifts! If you’ve ever looked for an excuse to treat your pet, look no further. Now’s your chance to buy all the toys, all the treats, and all the wellness products that give your cat or dog the special treatment they deserve. pawTree’s Holiday Gift List is full of fantastic, affordable options. Take a look at the adorable Hide ‘n Seek Gingerbread House or Rudolph Bungee for starters. If you have a dog that would chew through a toy in minutes, opt for a package of Chicken, Mango & Kale PawTreats or a SPAw Treatment Pack.

With all of these options on your holiday bucket list, it will undoubtedly be an extra special Christmas season for you and your furry family members.


About the Author

Kristi Diaz MD

Kristi is a retired anesthesiologist who loves helping people take good care of their pets.


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