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Our 5, I mean 7, Favorite Pet Products

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

I’m not the only one who feeds and takes care of the pups. There are 5 of us in the family. I was curious what is the favorite products of our family. I thought we would each pick something different and end up with the top 5 family favorites. I polled them in our family group text. The results are in the table above.

CBD Mega is the favorite of both my husband and my oldest son. I think intellectually they love the idea of obtaining homeostasis with the endocannabinoid system. When I started using it consistently with Maggie and Elley, we saw a huge improvement in Elley especially. She became more playful and interactive throughout the day. It was so fun to have her acting younger again!

Gastro Pro Plus is a favorite of both my husband and me. The gut is such a huge player in the immune system and Gastro Pro Plus helps with the gut and the whole digestive system with delivering 4 types of products all in one. We know how much better we feel when we found a probiotic that worked well for us, and we’ve seen this product work wonders in our dogs and in others too. When Maggie got some pork fat from the trash, I gave her some canned pumpkin with this Gastro Pro Plus sprinkled on top and she never had any throw up or diarrhea.

My husband and I both love the Wild Alaskan Salmon and Pollock Oil. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to a healthy coat and skin, brain, eye, heart… every organ system benefits from the correct ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Shelf stable diets for pets can’t have enough Omega 3 fatty acids so by supplementing with this one, you can add into their diet something that is super beneficial. And I happen to know that pawTree’s salmon and pollock oil are processed on the boat within 30 minutes of catching the fish. How much more fresh can you ask for?

Our middle child said his favorite product for the dogs is Chillax. I can see why. Maggie gets afraid of thunderstorms and this helps her remain calm. We also use it before car rides because it can help with motion sickness. We use it before we have workers coming to the house so the dogs are not so agitated with strangers being in their space.

Joint Support Plus is another favorite of both my husband and me. We are experiencing some of the symptoms of aging joints and want to do everything we can to keep our dogs' joints healthy. The ingredients in this are very comprehensive and at therapeutic levels. I know that joint fluid dissipates over time and once it’s gone, it’s gone. This helps preserve their joint fluid and so we give it every day. It’s never too early to start this prevention.

My daughter loves using the seasonings. (And so do Elley and Maggie.) We have a dinner spinner and with 12 varieties to choose from, none of us get bored feeding the dogs. If you know anyone who needs help getting their dogs to eat their food, this is the answer for you. That reminds me, if you have a pet who is a picky eater, you need my ebook on 10 tips for picky eaters.

pawTree food is hands down my favorite thing pawTree has for pets. If you think about it, food is the foundation of good health. The quality of ingredients matters. With pawTree food, I know they are using high quality ingredients and I know the signs to look for in my pets to see the impact this has on them. In the past, I didn't know what I didn’t know.

Ok, here it is. The last of our favorite products, the Beef Bone Broth. I was the only one who voted for it. Did you know that pawTree Beef Bone Broth is 82% collagen? I wrote a blog about collagen for dogs and while doing that deep dive, learning more about the health benefits of collagen, it made me much better about giving it to Maggie and Elley every day! Did you catch the part about it having 82% collagen?

I wonder what Maggie and Elley would say if they could tell me their favorite product. Probably plastic practice golf balls.

What are some of your favorite products for your pets?



Dr. Diaz’s nurturing nature led her into medicine where she became a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. While she loved her career and her patients, she also wanted to be a stay-at-home mother. After retiring from her practice and achieving her goal of being a home-based parent, Kristi began looking for ways to give back to her community. At the same time, she and her husband were looking for home-based business opportunities.

Kristi knew she found the perfect opportunity when she discovered pawTree. The value Kristi placed on diet and nutrition for health and wellness, coupled with her family’s love of animals, aligned seamlessly with pawTree’s company values.

Dr. Diaz’s philosophy is that diet, genetics, and luck all work together to create the quality of a pet's life. While owners can’t control their pets’ genetics or luck, they can control their diet. Pets have no choice but to count on their owners their entire lives for great nutrition. Feeding dogs and cats high-quality food and supplements will give them the best chance to live healthy, vibrant lives.

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