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Powerful Herbs That Work Wonders to Treat Bladder Issues in Pets

When it comes to keeping your dog’s urinary tract clear of infection, there are a handful of homeopathic solutions, including a few highly effective herbs. Here are three to keep on hand.


D-mannose is a natural compound similar to glucose. This simple sugar is found in fruits like apples, oranges, peaches, blueberries, and cranberries.

Cranberries are especially high in D-Mannose and help prevent bacteria from sticking to the lining of the bladder. When bacteria doesn’t stick to the bladder, it’s easier to flush out of your pet’s system naturally.


Glucosamine is one of the elements in the lining of your pet’s bladder. Since infection begins in the lining, glucosamine fortifies and rebuilds that lining. Glucosamine also makes up tougher tissues like joints and cartilage. You may find it as a hip or joint health supplement, but know it can also aid in bladder health.

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow Root is an herb that is rich in mucilage that soothes irritation and reduces occasional discomfort of the urinary tract. Marshmallow root is best in small doses as it can cause stomach upset in some dogs. The recommended dosage for marshmallow root is 50-100mg per 10 pounds of body weight.

Looking for a simple and easy way to add all of these herbs to your pet’s diet? Then urine for a treat! pawTree’s Bladder Support Plus chews for dogs and cats include all of the bladder-protecting herbs listed above.

Note: If your dog is experiencing bladder issues as a symptom of a more serious issue, talk to your vet! Herbal remedies can be a wonderful compliment to regular veterinary care, but shouldn’t replace it.

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