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Seasonal Allergies In Pets And How To Treat Them

1. Avoid Allergens

It’s impossible to avoid airborne allergens altogether, but there are a few ways you can help limit your pet’s exposure.

  • Wipe your pup’s feet off as they come inside

  • Vacuum your carpet regularly

  • Routinely wash all plush toys and bedding

2. Prevent And Protect

Salmon oil is rich with Omega-3 fatty acids — a nutrient that’s necessary for almost every function in your pet’s body. It’s specifically known for supporting the immune system and promoting a healthy skin and coat.

Allergy Support Plus is a comprehensive allergy supplement meant to promote the body’s natural ability to fight allergies. It balances the deficiencies and excesses in the body, drains phlegm, and helps reduce heat, which makes your fur baby more comfortable. It’s also particularly good for combating skin-related issues!

3. Soothe And Treat Symptoms

Soothe and treat existing symptoms. pawTree’s Skin Support Plus is our favorite way to relieve our fur babies of their allergy symptoms.

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