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What Are The Most Common Triggers Of Anxiety In Dogs?

Anxiety is a common problem in dogs that can be caused by a variety of triggers. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Separation from their owners

  2. Loud noises like thunder, fireworks, and traffic

  3. New people or animals in the home

  4. Change in routine

  5. Sudden sounds whether loud or soft

  6. Being left alone for extended periods of time

  7. Traveling away from home

  8. Change in environment

  9. Lack of exercise

  10. Not enough mental stimulation

  11. Unfamiliar smells or people

  12. Health issues

  13. Not enough socialization

  14. Over excitement

  15. Fear of the dark

  16. Lack of trust in people

  17. Feeling of insecurity

  18. Being in a strange place

  19. Changes in the weather

  20. Seeing other dogs or animals

  21. Separation from family

  22. Changes in routine

  23. Unfamiliar people or animals

  24. Separation from family

  25. Travel

  26. Lack of exercise

  27. Too much exercise

  28. Changes in environment

  29. Changes in diet

  30. Skateboarding

  31. Vacuums

  32. Crowds

  33. Vets and groomers

  34. New objects

  35. Lack of socialization

  36. Lack of obedience training

  37. Too much attention

  38. Punishment

  39. Poor living conditions

  40. Humidity and temperature changes

By being aware of the wide variety of situations that can trigger anxiety in your dog, I am confident you will be able to reduce anxiety triggers for your dog. We hope you can feel empowered to help your pet lead a happier and healthier life.

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