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Celebrating the pawTree Journey

When I started out on my pawTree journey in 2016, I was already 8 years out from leaving my medical practice at the hospital. I was excited and full of high hopes but I didn’t really know where this would go.

The *vision statement of pawTree grabbed my heart and I felt at home with people in the company. This pawTree Manifesto expresses core values that I strive to uphold.

My pawTree journey over the last six years has definitely had its ups and downs, and I’m learning to not only celebrate the accomplishments but also the actions people take, acknowledging our struggles and efforts to move forward. Overall, the pawTree journey is bringing much joy and excitement and contentment to our family life. At the time this was published, here are the leaders and their career titles on the team. I am so proud of all the people I get to work with even those who are not shown here.

In January 2022, our team achieved the highest title rank in pawTree called 3 Star Vice President. Our team was the 6th one to accomplish this and I am so proud of them and beyond grateful to them and my family.

Whether you’re growing along with me in pawTree or on your own journey,

  • What can I celebrate with you?

  • How can I celebrate with you?

  • Maybe you're not growing a pawTree business but what are you celebrating?

I’m learning to celebrate the wrestles and efforts to move forward, not just the accomplishments. I’d really love to hear from you! Leave a comment below.

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